19th Apr 2016

5 easy ways you can build and maintain customer relationships

Your customers are the key to your success, without customers there’d be no sales and ultimately there’d be no business, so it’s essential that you build a strong relationship with your customers. Whilst often overlooked, when done properly building and maintaining a relationship with your customers can be one of the most rewarding parts of running a business.  

Communicate with your customers 

Just like with friendships, it’s important that you keep in touch with your customers. Be it through social media, through emails or through blogs, it’s good to communicate with your customers so that you not only stay on their radar so to speak, but because it shows you care about telling your customers of any offers or news that might concern them.

Be human

When communicating with your customers it’s important to remember to do so like a human. Just because you’re pitching a sale or trying to generate business it doesn’t mean you should speak to your customers any different. Use customers names, make jokes, speak to them in a human tone of voice. Your customers aren’t going to relate to some sales zombie but they might relate to a human company with their interests at heart.

Learn about your customers

It’s important that you know your customers, whether it’s knowing their first name, their dogs name or what they want from your business, there’s nothing more valuable than finding out more about your customers. Not only does it allow you to learn who exactly your audience are but it also gives you the opportunity to offer promotions and deals based on your customers wants and needs. 

Reward your loyal customers

Acknowledging your loyal customers is a great way to maintain a customer relationship, if your longterm customers know they’ll gain some form of reward for sticking with your company it’s likely they’ll want to keep using your services. This also shows your customers or potential customers that you really care about them and want them to gain some form of reward for wanting to use your services.  

Help with your customers problems 

Resolving any issues your customers might have is one of the best ways you can truly build a customer relationship. If your customer has any complaints or queries make sure to try and resolve them as quickly as possible, this shows your customers that you really do care and want to help them as soon as you can. 

So there you have it, five simple ways you can build and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. By focusing on these tips, you can build solid relationships with your customers in order to both keep them happy and maximise your sales.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 19th April, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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