5th Jun 2017

4 Things Brands Do On Social Media That Audiences Hate

These days every business should be active on social media, using their social media platforms to engage and connect with their followers in a fun way. Social media is perfect for businesses looking to get their message across, however when it’s not used correctly you can soon find your audience turning against you and against your brand. 

But what exactly is it audiences hate to see on social media? Here’s 6 things you should avoid if you’re looking to keep your audience happy.  

Too Much Self Promotion 

One of the most frustrating things brands can do on their social media is spend too much time promoting themselves, instead of using it to connect with others. While you should use your social media to get the message of your business across and gently remind your audience about your brand, your audience don’t want constant sales patter and a one way conversation about your business. 

Social media is all about engagement and those following you are expecting engagement from your brand, after all that’s why they’ve chosen to follow you, they don’t want your latest sales pitch, they want a fun conversation, exciting content and posts that provide value without being annoying.  

Jumping On Every Trend 

Tapping into trends and making cultural references is important for brands looking to make an impact and seem relatable on your brand social media profiles, however it’s important that you don’t try too hard and tap into every single trend, news story or meme that exists, as this can actually drive people away. When done correctly tapping into trends can be great, but when poorly executed could damage your reputation and annoy the followers you have.  

You should aim to join in with fun trends or news articles that could relate to your business,  keeping your regular tone and making references that you know what audience are likely to be interested in based on your brand, your products and your services. You shouldn’t be afraid of trends, you just need to approach them in the best way, helping your brand make an impact.  

Posting Inconsistently 

Not posting consistently on social media can and will hurt your brand, especially on a platform such as Facebook. People want to follow a brand because they what to be kept up to date with what is going on around the business, including hearing about news, updates and information about your products, if they can’t do that, they aren’t going to want to follow your platforms for much longer. 

The more you post on your social media pages, the more chance you have to get people engaging with your content, which can help get your content out there in front of more people, increasing your follower count and raising more awareness of your brand. If you only post when you have the time or when you remember you aren’t going to get your opinion out there.  

Bad Customer Service

There are more people out there using social media to ask questions and communicate with brands, preferring this to sending emails and communicating through phone calls. Your audience want to have a great customer service experience on social media, dealing with a company who respond quickly and effectively, if you can’t offer this on social media then your audience aren’t going to be happy.

Having a customer service strategy in place lets you use your social media to speak clearly to your audience, answering them in a clear manner and giving them the information in a simple way, if you offer a complicated customer service experience on social media, then people aren’t going to expect any better from your business or the products you sell. 

Your audience want your brand to be successful online, they choose to follow your brand on social media to find out more information and keep up with your brand. However they aren’t always going to enjoy what is posted online and if they don’t like it, you’ll soon know it. Don’t lose followers and harm your reputation, instead know in advance what your followers want and give it to them! 



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 5th June, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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