14th Nov 2016

4 Practical Ways You Can Avoid A Social Media Burnout

Social media is growing at an alarmingly quick pace, with so many new social media platforms, features and rules appearing every day, for many businesses it can be difficult trying to keep up. No matter how much experience you might have managing social media accounts, everyone out there at some point is likely to struggle with a burnout at some point in time, which can result in creating poor quality content, poor engagement, something you should always avoid.

Social media burnouts can be caused by many things, including a general lack of motivation or disinterest, however the most common reasons are being too engrossed in your social media platforms and being too worried about trying to increase engagement. 

So how do you stay on top of your social media accounts without burning out or losing momentum? Let’s take a look.  

Plan Your Strategy 

You shouldn’t ever think of your social media as an afterthought, instead you should think of it as an important marketing tool that can and will benefit your business. Which is why it’s important you plan your social media strategy in advance, meaning you won’t be left feeling lost for what to content to post, overwhelmed by messages and comments and left struggling with the general upkeep of your social media platforms. 

There are a number of ways you can plan your content, from making lists, logging your content into your calendar and through scheduling your content, whichever you choose, you can fully organise your strategy.

Structure Your Time 

Logging into your social media platforms, checking your notifications and repeatedly refreshing your page is a guaranteed way to wear yourself down. Instead you should aim to structure your time and take care of your social media accounts in a time effective and organised way. By setting time aside to deal with reviewing comments and mentions, sharing content with your followers, posting new content and scheduling post, you can effectively manage your time. 

By structuring the time you spend managing your social media accounts it can not only make you more efficient but also help keep your business focussed on increasing your engagement and boosting your customer relationship.  

Give Your Brain A Rest 

While you might think that managing your social media accounts is an easy job, due to the strategic thinking involved in social media planning it can be mentally exhausting and you should always aim to give your brain a rest once in a while in order to refresh your way of thinking and how you can approach new challenges.

As social media is open 24 hours a day, it can be tempting to stay always switched on but by failing to take breaks you can ultimately end up creating a burnout. 

Log Off and Stay Off

It might be tempting to continue to check your Twitter feed over dinner or refresh your Facebook page the second you wake up, but if you’re working in social media all day, you should at least try to avoid social media for a couple hours of the day or on an evening in order to refresh yourself and take some time away from the internet.

Logging off and spending time doing something else allows you to clear your mind and avoid getting too involved in social media, allowing you to enjoy some reality and time to yourself. 

Social media management can be a huge job in itself and for many small business owners it can be difficult to manage, by remembering the above tips and considering a full time social media manager could be the difference between an effective social media strategy and a huge social media burnout.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th November, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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