29th Mar 2017

4 Creative Ways To Market Your Business For Easter

It may seem like only a few short weeks since Christmas, but Easter is nearly here and while it might not seem like the biggest event out there compared to Christmas, with it comes a number of new opportunities for your business. Incorporating Easter in your marketing strategy is important and can be a great way to increase your performance and encourage more sales. 

If you’re looking for ways to can tap into marketing your business during the Easter period, we’ve got some of the top 6 creative ways you can do, helping you make the most of the Easter holidays. 

Special Easter Offers

Having special offers related to Easter is a great way to promote your business in time for the Easter period. By offering a special promotion relevant to the Easter theme or related to the time period, you can encourage people to buy more from your business, in order not to miss out on these special offers. This can work particularly well for businesses looking to sell clothing and food items, who can promote their items ready for Easter meals, Spring attire or even for Easter gifts. 

It’s not only new customers you can attract through sales and offers, you can also use these methods to reward your current customers, offering free trials, coupon codes and rewards to get great deals, relevant to Easter.  

Easter Events 

While this might not work as well for online businesses, holding an Easter themed event of some kind can be a great marketing tool for those looking to drive traffic to your shop location or even to generate awareness of your brand. By capitalising on events such as egg hunts, you can bring visitors to your store to find them, or even do so digitally with an online egg hunt done through video or through an app, allowing visitors to collect eggs in exchange for freebies or voucher codes.

Organising an event can take plenty of time and often does cost, however it can encourage engagement, allowing you to promote your business to others as a fun and exciting business, looking to have fun with your customers.  

Competitions & Giveaways 

Holidays can be a great way to connect with your audience through contests and giveaways and what better way than at Easter. By hosting a competition on social media and asking your audience to take part in them, you can encourage people to take an active interest in your business. Some of the best ideas for Easter include guessing how many eggs are in a jar or even through holding a egg decorating contest.  

By asking people to upload their entries online to social media and tagging your business in these photos, you can get people to get involved in hashtags and sharing their love for your brand with others.  

Launch Specific Products 

If your business sells products then Easter could be the best way to launch a new product or line, launching a product that is relevant to Easter or the Easter period. By launching a new product or product range, you can maximise sales, giving you the best opportunity to tap into Easter, as your product is already aimed to audiences looking for Easter products. By doing the best audience research and knowing what’s already on the market you can work out what it is your customers want and are looking for.

Using your social media channels to promote this new range or product, with relevant hashtags and call to actions, you can create content that is not only related to trending topics but can also create great SEO content for those searching for Easter themed items.

Easter might not be as huge as Christmas, but it’s still an important event on the calendar, one that allows to you engage with your customers and get them involved with your business, as well as showing your business as being involved in current events and holidays. 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 29th March, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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