1st Mar 2017

4 Creative & Fresh Spring Marketing Tips For Your Business

It may seem like only last week we were eating turkey and waiting for Santa, but March is finally here and Spring is in the air. As with every season, Spring offers a number of unique marketing opportunities for your business, from sales and promotions to email marketing ideas, there’s plenty of activities and events during the Spring season that can affect how your customers behave.  

While Spring might not have the same buzz the winter season does, there are still a number of creative and effective marketing opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes that can be implemented throughout March, April, May and even June. 

Let’s take a look at some of the seasonal opportunities your business should take hold of in order to improve your reach and satisfy your audience.  


Holiday & Events

Before we look at how you can utilise the Spring season in terms of marketing ideas, here’s a run down of all the special events and holidays that take place throughout Spring, allowing you to get an idea of how you can theme your marketing campaigns in a relevant way.   

  • St Patricks Day 
  • Mothers Day 
  • April Fools Day 
  • Easter 
  • Earth Day
  • St Georges Day 
  • Fathers Day 


Marketing Tips 

With an idea of the key events and holidays that are taking place in the Spring months, you can narrow down your marketing ideas, being sure to tap into relevant events and promoting your products and services in real time and showing your customers that you are keeping up with current events. 

If you’re looking to capitalise on the exciting marketing opportunities Spring can offer, why not take at look at some of our tips: 

Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, which is why Spring is one of the best times to hold a sale, encouraging customers to buy your older products in order for you to showcase your newest products and services, increasing your sales and giving your customers to opportunity to grab a bargain.

You don’t have to hold a sale in order to Spring clean, Spring is also a great opportunity to change up your website or rebrand your business. By upgrading your images and graphics or even having a full on re-design you can freshen up your website, encouraging new audiences to check out your site, as well as showing to your existing audience that you are still there, still active and keeping up with new trends. 

Run Giveaways & Contests 

With so many events such as Mothers Day and Easter, you have plenty of opportunities to host giveaways and contests for your customers to participate in. By using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as well as even a landing page, you can get your audience involved in your brand and also give them a benefit of sharing or responding to your content.

From egg decorating contests, to photo sharing contests, by getting your audience to share their giveaway and competition entries online you can build a sense of community around your brand, getting your audience involved and also creating a buzz around your product and your brand as a whole.  

Try New Things

Spring is the time to consider bringing in the new, new products, new services, a new website and even new ways to run and market your business. Why not use Spring as an incentive for trying new things with your strategy? From launching social media campaigns to trying new things with videos and Youtube, there’s lots of new endeavours when it comes to changing things up. 

Trying new things with your strategy can be an effective way to test and improve the overall experience for your customers. By changing the way you market your business and the way that you run things you can invest in more time, ultimately improving your conversions, attracting new customers and most importantly, increasing your overall ROI.  

Go Green 

Earth Day takes place during April and is a huge marketing opportunity for your brand. We all want to play a positive part in the environment and want to promote how we’re working to do so, by using earth day to promote the work your business does to be green and environmentally conscious, you can show a more human side of your business. 

Why not use Earth Day to host or sponsor an event such as a tree planting activity or creating an infographic to show off how your company is helping the environment and getting involved in local communities. While it is seen as a way of marketing your business, try not to market your products or services, you want to promote your brand as human and the community around it, instead of focusing 100% on generating sales. 


With so many seasonal opportunities available during the springtime, failing to utilise any of them could be hugely negative for your business, with a creative mind and plenty of planning your can grab onto a number of events, holidays and themes which can not only promote your business but also show that you’re involved in current trends and events, instead of simply sitting back and watching the world go by. 

Why not add these events to your calendar and look to incorporate them into your Spring marketing strategy, creating new connections and maximising your profit!



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 1st March, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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