31st Jul 2017

3 Email Marketing Must Haves You Need To Consider For Your Campaigns

Email Marketing is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy, allowing you to speak engage with customers in a way that can encourage clicks and conversions and helping build a relationship with your audience.  

No matter how long you’ve been dabbling in email marketing, in order to create a high impact email marketing campaign there’s a lot you need to include. By incorporating these three important factors into your email marketing strategy you can soon be getting the most out of your email campaigns, ensuring business success and also keeping your subscribers engaged in the process.  

Mobile Responsive Emails 

These days people are constantly on the move, meaning it’s important that your emails reach audiences no matter where they may be. To do this it’s important that you reach out to customers on mobile devices as well as on desktop devices. By modifying your emails to include larger text, appealing photos, easy to click buttons, bright colours and mobile responsive templates, you can adapt your emails to fit other devices yet still carry the same message across platforms.  

Clear Call To Actions 

As well as being mobile responsive your emails need to include call to actions that encourage your audience to click on links, purchase your products or even download information. Your email campaign must have a clear message or goal for your customers. By including relevant content that draws attention to phrases such as “Buy Now”, “Find Out More” or “View Now” you can encourage visitors to carry out an action in a simple way.

Include Links

If you’re wanting to encourage actions that will lead to conversions then you need to include links in your emails and more importantly, links that work. By including links that direct to specific products, pages and content you can send your audience directly where you want them to go, which is much more likely to increase sales than sending your audience to a homepage and making them look for your content themselves. 

Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with audiences, helping you increase your conversions and engagement. With these three simple steps there’s no reason you can’t be using email to harness your potential, so don’t hesitate, why not start planning your email campaigns today?


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 31st July, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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