24th Jan 2017

Essential Web Design Trends To Try In 2017

Web design is constantly evolving, each year new trends are born, others disappear and many just continue to tick by. In 2016 flat design became the norm, video increased in popularity and responsive design finally became mandatory. With a new year comes new trends, new ideas and the potential to take your website to new heights. 

From colour and typography to graphics and video, there’s a number of new visual concepts already starting to appear and many still to pop up, so let’s take a look at what we can look forward to in the upcoming year.  

Use Of Space 

Exaggerated use of space is one of the biggest trends currently appearing in design and when used correctly can be an effective way of helping website visitors know how they should be using or navigating your website. An extension of the minimalist style of design, open space has been popular for a number of year with giants such as Apple using this style within their branding, allowing them to display their images, text, products and videos in a clean and unique way.  


With mobile first design becoming increasingly popular it’s very likely that using micro-interactions within web design will also grow in popularity. Micro-interactions are essentially the subtle animations used within mobile apps, which direct attention to the interactive elements, acting as a mobile equivalent desktop hover effects. Micro-interactions are simple moments that perform a basic function, yet add lots of value to the user experience.  

Video & Animation 

From Netflix to Youtube, audiences are becoming more and more used to watching video online, something that can be incorporated into websites in an effective way. With large home page videos, focused on a businesses products, services or ideology, you can not only grab your audiences attention but also showcase your business to your visitors as soon as they view your site.  

Custom Graphics 

Illustrations are a huge part of web design, something that is likely to grow even more in the coming year and with more websites popping up every single day, it’s important for brands to stand out. This is why many businesses are using custom graphics and typography to not only stand out from the rest but also tie in their images with their all over brand. 

There’s a number of great design trends likely to appear in the next year, letting businesses evolve their websites into an even more dynamic solution for both their needs and their audiences needs.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th January, 2017
Categories: Web Design

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