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Project Overview
Synapptic came to us to us for a sleek, easy to use and accessible ecommerce website to promote and sell their award-winning software design that makes mobile technology accessible for people with sight loss.

The website needed to be usable by a large demographic of people with sight loss as well as users who would be helping their family/friends with sight loss acquire the products. Therefore we needed to ensure it was accessible for all users.

Before starting the design and development, our team reviewed the previous Synapptic sitemap and reconstructed it to make it more user-friendly and relevant.

We did a lot of research into accessible colours and the colour palette was created with sight loss in mind. We chose colours which stand out and contrast against each other making the content easier to read and digest.

We also ensured that the website was completely accessible by implementing accessibility tools such as tabindex, ARIA for buttons, hover and focus states.




Breaking the website products down into six different categories helps the user get to their desired product(s) much faster. The use of a clear category name, description and image helps the user choose their desired product with ease when presented with the multiple options.


The filters on the shop category archive pages help the user tailor pick the perfect product for them. The filters use a set of bespoke options per shopping category to help assist the user easily find their product of choice.


This is an important part of this website with the service being for people with partial or full sight loss. Our team worked with the clients to find a great balance between accessibility and design aesthetics to find a colour palette for the website to help all users enjoy their experience when using the website.


Our team aimed to make the process of buying a product as easy as possible and part of this was a well-structured and easy to use checkout page. The checkout page also has an option for those eligible for VAT exemption to enter their details to remove the VAT cost from their order before purchase.

AccessibleFor All

As well as the colour palette, our development team ensured the website can be used by all users such as those who need to use tabindex. The team implemented other accessibility tools such as ARIA for buttons, hover and focus states and other useful implementations such as making full card sections clickable rather than just buttons.

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