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Preece Nutrition came to us for a system and web design that clients could use to follow online nutrition and personal training plans. We designed a sleek, modern, customer-facing website to promote the plans and introduce users to Preece Nutrition. Our team also developed a system system that requires a subscription to log in, which consists of nutritional plans, personal training workouts, ability to calculate calories, and access to a 'premium members' group.




We designed an engaging section where the user can toggle between the monthly and annual plans to decide which one best suits their lifestyle. By toggling between the plans, the information is more streamlined and easier for the user to digest.


The plans provided by Preece Nutrition include a large library of recipes and we wanted to promote this to potential users due to it being their unique selling point. We designed a dynamic carousel that features some of the recipes which the user can click through and get some inspiration for what is available in the Preece Nutrition plans.



Within the system, we included a video upload section for our client to add workout and getting started videos to help the users with starting their plans and following workouts.


We included a form for the user to complete daily to track their progress. The user can input their body metrics (such as weight and body part circumferences) and the system generates a bar chart. This user can to track their progress effortlessly as well as adjusting the time frames to see more recent or longer term results.


Our client also wanted to be able to upload recipes so the users could follow balanced, healthy recipes. Each recipe includes: an image of the dish; cooking method; ingredients, serving sizes; preparation and cooking time, and the calorie count.


We also included a personal calorie counter where users can input data (such as weight, height and workout routing) and the system generates their person calorie count - including macros.

Preece NutritionTestimonial

I am extremely pleased with my website, from the design to the ease of use behind the scenes with it's system. After 3 years in business using another website, this new website made by discovery design is like driving a Rolls Royce, so much more luxurious to use. It is also going to give my business the platform to explode in coming years.

Peter Preece

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