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ClientCoupe Line

Project Overview
Coupe Line, an existing client, wanted to update their existing website to help improve the site's user flow and also improve SEO throughout the website.

We worked with Coupe Line to rearrange and merge existing pages in order to create a better user flow throughout the website, and update content to help with SEO results.



In DepthCase Studies

Replacing the old case study layouts of a title, paragraph and one image has helped make Coupe Line’s new website much more engaging. The new case studies have their own individual page and have much more information and imagery to engage users.

Building Trust &Creating Leads

Two new prominent features throughout the website are the recurring use of ‘Get in touch’ buttons and reviews. These sections, strategically placed, help the user gain trust in the company based on previous customers’ reviews and also gently prompt them to get in touch to become a customer.

Marketing & AdFeatures

Search Ads

We built Google Search Campaigns to target users looking for each of Coupe Line’s services. By targeting each of our client’s services separately, we were able to create more specific ads that would be more tailored to what the user is searching for. This also increases the quality of the ads and makes it easier to analyse the performance of each service ad.

Display Remarketing Ads

Remarketing allows us to target users who have already visited the Coupe Line website but have left without converting. This is a highly effective strategy for reaching people who have visited the site by pushing them further down the marketing funnel to eventually convert. Remarketing advertising adds another layer to campaigns instead of limiting your marketing to users who convert instantly.

Search TermRankings

Coupe LineTestimonial

We have been using Discovery Design to manage our Google AdWords campaigns for a number of years and have been very pleased with the return on investment. We had previously managed the campaigns in-house, but we did not have the professional skills to achieve to generate the results we are today. We plan to keep Google AdWords as part of our on-going strategy with Discovery Design to grow the business further.

Martin Coupe

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