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Cape & Hartley

ClientCape & Hartley

Project Overview
Cape & Hartley came to us in need of a new ecommerce solution to replace their existing website. The new website needed to improve from their existing outdated solution both on the front end and within the back end for management.

We created a bespoke solution for the client which enables customers of all ages to easily navigate through the online store whilst being pushed in the right direction by the use of a seamless UX.

The client expressed what back end tools they desired and we were able to deliver them all and work with their day-to-day workflow enabling them to save time by maintaining their store with ease.

We also launched a Google Ads PPC Campaign to reach people either wanting frozen meals delivered to their door, or who are wanting to purchase the meals on behalf of an elderly relative.

Through utilising Search and Shopping, we are able to drive people to their site where they can shop their meals straight away, or request a brochure.



Easy to AddProducts

By listing the product variants on the shop pages, customers can easily click on the basket icon to add a product to their basket, with the quantity adjusting accordingly. The customer also has the option to click into the product to find out more information before adding it to their basket.


The client is able to easily assign related products to other products which will create a better user experience and flow for the customer and also generate more sales for the client.

By positioning-related products on product pages close to the add to basket buttons, these act as an online impulse purchase that you would experience in offline stores.

This will help the user discover more meals, sides etc and also increase their spend whilst doing so.

Postcode BasedDelivery Options

Throughout the storefront, there are multiple areas that allow users to calculate their delivery charge based on their postcode location, whether that be using the postcode checker on the home or basket page or by reading the information on the delivery options or basket page. The delivery options set by the client are made clear throughout the website to show their customers the different options set for local and nationwide delivery.

MultipleDelivery Addresses

The client requested the functionality to be available to account users so that they can set up multiple delivery addresses. This will help their current client base who tend to order for family or friends, as well as themselves. Having this functionality allows the user to place separate orders with ease by simply selecting pre-stored addresses in the checkout such as ‘work’, ‘home’, ‘mum’.

Google AdsStatistics

increase in Conversions
increase in Revenue
increase in ROAS


BespokeProduct Options

When creating new products or editing existing products the client has options that have been created bespoke based on the products they sell. We worked closely with the client to ensure they have everything required whilst not having any excess options in order to speed up the process of adding a product.

Most of the options are checkboxes so that the client can easily add a product as though they were marking through a checklist. There are pre-set options such as nutritional information to help create additional 250g and 400g tables based on the information entered in the 100g table to help speed up the process more, this is just one example of the many great options in this bespoke product creation page.

BulkProduct Editing

For existing products, the client has the option to edit them all at the same time within a spreadsheet format. This will help speed up bulk editing if for example the salt intake in a group of products changes. Instead of editing the products one by one they can allocate the correct column within the spreadsheet and work their way through it, updating with ease.

BulkStock Management

With a large number of products in this store and the variations used on the majority of products, it was an important requirement from the client that there was a solution put in place to manage their stock in bulk with ease.

The solution added allows the client to select a group of products, variations or both and easily mark them as in/out of stock.

Cape & HartleyTestimonial

Discovery Design have redesigned and launched our new website after transferring from a previous provider. We like working with the Discovery team as they work collaboratively step by step, don't dictate how it should look, and take on enthusiastically non standard and unusual requirements we ask of them. Following launch last week we have seen an immediate increase in activity and have had universally good feedback from both new and existing customers. Highly recommend Discovery Design

John Hartley

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