Rob HowdleDeveloper

A day in the role ofRob Howdle

Rob’s day mostly consists of laying the foundations of new projects and building upon them, arranging the clients requirements into a manageable list and working through the list as efficiently as possible.
Each part of a project must be tested in a variety of ways to ensure nothing problems hinder the users ability to use the system. Testing features on their own as well as with other parts of the system allows for un-intrusive and and a flawless user experience.
Everyday is an opportunity to learn. Whenever Rob has spare time, either at home or at work, he fills it with learning new things. Learning how he can refine his skills, studying new ways of programming and how best to implement them into new projects.

Rob's favouriteproject

Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel is my favourite front-end project to date. After receiving such a modern and elegant design from our designer, Lydia, I saw plenty of challenges straight away which made me even more determined to go the extra mile. The design really suited the client and I wanted to make sure that the look and functionality of the website reflect this as well.

There were several learning curves in this project which occasionally but my determination to give our client the best website I possibly could gave me the drive and motivation to find solutions to every problem I encountered. Overall, I am extremely proud of what we were able to create for our client and I am very thankful for the ability to work on such a fantastic project.

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