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Patrick Donnelly

A day in the role ofPatrick Donnelly

Web Design
Patrick designs websites with the User Experience in mind. Ensuring each detail is carefully crafted and considered before it moves into development. He aims to bring your business’ online presence to life by creating distinctive contemporary web experiences.
Branding is at the core of any business’ success today, and Patrick aims to help shape and form brand identities that are built to last. From identifying and clarifying your user base, to developing fully-fledged marketing campaigns, branding is an essential part of developing yourself as a business in today’s online age.
Patrick has a multifaceted design skill set and has skills in both 2D and 3D animation, which helps make your brand and website stand out from the competition and get noticed.

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Patrick is interested in all things creative, and when not designing, he can be found reading, writing, painting and attending various still life and life drawing classes which are held around the North East.
When away from the screen, Patrick enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well, getting plenty of exercise and frequenting the gym regularly.

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