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Front-End Developer

Julia Sanderson

A day in the role ofJulia Sanderson

Front-end Development
Julia’s main focus is on building functional websites, with an eye for accessibility and the user experience. She takes care to get every detail right and think about the different ways in which people may view and use the page.
Knowing What The Client Wants and Needs
Julie works closely with her clients to ensure that she delivers the website that the clients are happy with and that is functional for their business. Clear communication and understanding the client’s needs is key.

Discover more About Julia

Julia is a frequent participant in the writing contest National Novel Writing Month and has completed the challenge every year since 2003. It’s just for fun, though!
Julia’s favourite places to visit outside of work are the local cat cafes in Newcastle and Durham. Closer to home, she enjoys walking in the local woods and watching wildlife.
Julia’s favourite hobbies are anything that involves creating things. As well as coding and writing, she enjoys sculpture, sewing, and painting in her free time. She enjoys learning new things and never wants to stop!

Julia's favouriteproject

Bryson’s Animal Shelter

I’m a former RSPCA employee prior to working in web development, so this project was very fitting. I’m already happy to see so many animals going to new homes thanks to the site I built. Overall this was a very fulfilling and satisfying project. I really felt like I was helping to make a difference.

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