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Jack Stanness

A day in the role ofJack Stanness

Video Editing
Video Editing is Jack's primary role at Discovery Design. Jack helps to gather, create and edit scroll-stopping content for our client's web and PPC projects.
With social media and representation being so important to companies these days, it's really important to be able to show and represent yourself as best as possible. This is where Jack's skills as a photographer come in - taking pictures to represent your vision as best as we can.
As Jack's role evolved at Discovery Design, he began exploring Videography. High quality video content can allow your website to stand out from the competition. It also generates a high amount of engagement on organic and paid social posts. Jack work with clients to film, produce and edit video content for their web and PPC projects.

Discover more About Jack

Jack spends a lot of time looking after his car. He is very involved with cars and finds the way they work very interesting.
Jack, like most young adults, loves to play video games. He enjoys keeping up to date with all the latest games, techs and developments in the industry.

Jack's favouriteproject

Sports World Magazine.

Everything about this project I thoroughly enjoyed. From working with the design and development team, to the finished result, it was a project that has been a highlight for me.

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