17th Oct 2017

The Future of Social Media: Why Paid Content Is The Way Forward

Ten years ago the social media landscape was very different, with plenty of free content, the ability to reach out to large audiences and with the formula for success essentially being;

Constant updates = Audience 

In 2017 however, things have changed significantly, social media has become an accepted part of life, working quite simply for individuals looking to connect with others online. For businesses though, social media has become a lot more competitive, a constant struggle to increase reach and generate business through organic content alone.

For business these days, it’s all about generating results from promoted content, boosted posts and paid advertising, aka you’ve got to pay to play.  

Why Did This Occur?

A few years ago, Facebook began to change its algorithms in order to give audiences a chance to see things they actually wanted to see, with many brands noticing a decrease in their reach during this time. In 2017, more content than ever is being shared, meaning that Facebook has to prioritise this for users. 

With these algorithm changes, social media sites are continually being optimised over time to target higher advertising revenue. It’s also worth noting that due to these changes, ads have been given more functionality to encourage commercial actions, much more than organic posts.


What About Organic Content?

Organic content takes time to rank and gain popularity, with its likelihood of success constantly decreasing, whereas paid advertising allows you to gain quick results with the ability to continually optimise to reduce cost per click.

When you factor time as a cost, paid advertising starts to pay because of the significant time savings it can offer, as well as the speed of results, meaning you can focus on growing your business.  

Is Social Media Still Worthwhile?

While it’s possible that some businesses aren’t likely to see direct results on social media, there are still plenty of possibilities out there that make social media worthwhile. Social media can be beneficial for a number of reasons, offering social proof and encouraging conversations that can boost both awareness and confidence with audiences. 

While social media might not be completely dead, it’s pretty certain that the way businesses are sharing organic content online and the impact it has on audiences is changing. 

The bottom line is, if your business isn’t on social media you could be missing out on a number of opportunities, from paid for posts to organic conversations.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 17th October, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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