2nd Jul 2018

New Levels Of Transparency: Facebook Reveals New Advertising Transparency Tools

This weekend Facebook announced that they’re continuing to offer a more transparent service on their platform by publishing more information about the ads that are running.

The social networks new additional feature, known as “Info and Ads” allows users to view any ad a brand is showing or a Facebook page is running. This allows the public to gain access to more information about an organisation and their ads, flagging any ads that might be suspicious or raise any concerns. 

Not only will Facebook start displaying information about ads, but it will also display more information about business pages, even those that aren’t advertising, in order to give users a better understanding of the brands history, highlighting changes such as name changes, information changes and when the page was created. 

Facebook are also expanding a feature announced in April that allows users to see information on political topics, including political ads that have been bought on the platform. This tool allows users to view information such as the cost of these ads, who was behind them and the demographics of the audience. 

Advertisers must also verify their identity, as well as their location before purchasing political ads or ads relating to certain issues. 

Facebook has been under increasing scrutiny over the last few years, in regards to its business practices, including how it deals with ads, especially for political purposes. It’s thought that these new measures will help bring attention to how brands are advertising on the platform, but also how politics is being marketed using Facebook. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 2nd July, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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