22nd Nov 2018

My Journey So Far At Discovery Design As A Junior Developer

On the 12th of March earlier this year I began working here at Discovery Design. My name is Mark, I’m 18 and I am the Junior Developer here at Discovery Design.

Today I’ll be talking about how I’ve been getting on during the last eight months, giving you an insight into my role and the work that I’ve been carrying out. 

What does my role consist of?

My role consists of back-end development and creating software design solutions. This means I spend a lot of my day either planning what code to write, writing the code, debugging the code, and testing my code.

What have I learned whilst at Discovery?

Whilst I have learned a lot about programming since starting my job here at Discovery Design, I’ve also learned a lot about what it means to be part of a team. When I initially left college I didn’t really do much working within a team, but since starting here back in March I’ve really learned a lot about what it means to be integrated and part of team, rather than just carrying out Junior Developer work on my own.

What have I been working on recently?

Recently I have been working towards two main goals – Developing the back-end functionality for websites and focusing on improving my skills with Vue.js.

What is the highlight of working here?

The fridge.

Advice For Others

Learning to program is an uphill climb, there will always be something you don’t know how to do and something to figure out.

Instead of focussing on learning to program, think about something you’d like to build, for example, a content management system and then set about building it. You’ll hit challenges whilst developing the system, but you’ll tackle each challenge and better yourself along the way.

I would also recommend getting your fingers dirty by reading another developers code on GitHub and figuring out how it works; for me, this has improved my ability to read and comprehend code, and I’ve also found little tricks I can use myself.

Article By
Mark Graham-Smith, Developer
Published: 22nd November, 2018
Categories: Discovery Design

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