12th Feb 2018

Facebook Is Changing: What Your Business Needs To Know

Earlier this year Facebook revealed they were to change it’s News Feed algorithm to prioritise content that “sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between people.” Meaning they’re looking to promote posts that are more personal from family and friends rather than promoting public content, such as posts from businesses and media outlets. 

The change has caused concern amongst marketers and businesses who are likely to lose out. With less promotion, it’s likely that businesses will see less engagement in their content and ultimately fewer results.

With these changes likely to affect organic traffic and posts, it’s possible that many marketers and businesses will start looking to Facebook Advertising to try and generate more traffic and increase their visibility. Due to the increase in Advertising users, it seems inevitable that CPCs will increase and many will be looking at paying a much higher cost for a spot on the News Feed. 

Ad places becoming more coveted, and ultimately more pricey, means that competition is going to get much more fierce. For many smaller businesses, it may seem like this change will cause problems as they don’t have the budget to compete with much larger brands. 

For smaller businesses, however, hope is not lost, there’s no reason you should be pushed out by larger brands. One of the best features of Facebook Advertising is it’s targeting, which allows you to build ads that are narrowed down to very specific audiences. By running a mega targeted campaign it means you can show up to the perfect audience for you, meaning that clicks are less likely to be wasted and costs can stay down.  

If your business isn’t already utilising Facebook Advertising and relying solely on organic posts to drive traffic, now is the time to think about taking the next step into digital advertising. While it may sound confusing, especially with the recent changes Facebook has unveiled, there’s plenty of opportunities for businesses to grow using Facebook Advertising.

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 12th February, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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