1st Sep 2016

Essential tips for making the most of your new product launch

No business stays the same forever and it’s likely that at some point you’ll look to introduce new products and items to your ecommerce store. Launching new products can be a daunting challenge and if you don’t have the budget to do so effectively you might feel like you can’t create enough hype to sell your products and get them out to your audience.

Luckily in the digital era there are a number of opportunities available for you to launch your new products successfully, no longer do you need traditional forms of media such as TV or newspapers to create awareness of your business, here’s our tips for successfully launching your business.  

Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways of letting your existing customers know about anything new going on with your business, which is why it makes sense to use your email campaigns to inform customers of your new products. Before you consider reaching out to new audiences its a good idea to tell your existing customers all about that you’re offering, creating an initial buzz within existing customers means you already have people looking out for your products before you even begin attracting new customers.

Develop a landing page 

A nicely designed and relevant landing page is a great way in which you can convert sales of your new items. Linking to your landing page from your email campaigns or your pay per click campaigns means that you can your customers are taken to an area that specifically targets selling those new products rather than taking your customers to your website which offers all of your products and could distract your customers to buy something else. 

Blog posts 

As well as introducing your new products through email marketing, you can utilise your blog or news section of your website by including a series of blog posts which talk about or inform your website visitors of your new product range. Including keywords relevant to your products and your business in these blog articles can also be an effective way to help with your SEO efforts, meaning your blogs will make it more likely for your website to be found in search engine results for those keywords.  

Social media buzz

Showing off your new products on social media can be another great way of getting your audience excited about your new product line. Showing photos of what you have on offer, providing sneak peaks of your products before your initial release and even offering giveaways and promotions are all great ways to create a buzz around your products before or during the launch of your products. You can also utilise social media by working with influencers who can also help promote your new range by posting pictures of them using your products or even have them write up reviews which can influence their follows to check out your business. 

Through the power of content marketing and digital marketing there’s no reason why you can’t engage with your customers and encourage sales. With a thought out and well integrated marketing strategy you can still spike interest online which can be an exciting way to maximise your sales.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 1st September, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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