28th Mar 2017

Effective Ways You Can Tell Your Brand Story Through Social Media

When done properly, brand storytelling lets businesses build on their personality, appear more human and associate emotion with their brand, creating a personal connection with their customers. With the popularity of social media continuing to grow, creating unique content that can tell the story of your brand has never been easier. 

If you’re looking to get the best out of social media, then it’s a good idea to embrace storytelling and gain an understanding of how you can use your social media accounts effectively, in order to tell the narrative of your brand. Social media allows you to tell your story in a scalable way, helping build a powerful relationship with your audience, in a free and accessible way. 

Brands that can generate conversations are always far more successful than those that cannot, stories make a difference to our lives and are something your audience are much more likely to remember than simple facts or text. 

Here’s 5 steps that can help you create an intriguing and engaging social media experience, that can help you establish a unique connection with your audience, as well as tell the narrative of your brand.

Understand Storytelling Basics

If you know exactly what the story is that you want to tell it’s a good idea to gain an understanding of how you can tell your story, learning the fundamentals of effective storytelling in order to create a great experience for your audience. It’s a good idea to start your brand’s story at the beginning with a strong description of what you do, who is involved, setting the scene of your business, before introducing the issue you want to combat and how you can do so. 

Closing your story with showing how characters, or your audience, have benefitted from your business and how their lives have changed, let’s you create an exciting experience for your audience and continues to tell your story.  

Use Powerful & Personal Imagery 

By using powerful photos and stock imagery, you can take your audience on a visual journey across your social media platforms, helping your audience to feel motivated and inspired and much more likely to get involved with your brand. If you’re involved in an industry where you can take your own images, photographing your products and services as you go, it’s a good idea to use any original or personal images within your social media stories, images that tell the exact story of your brand, in your own way. 

However, there’s no harm in mixing in more visually appealing stock photos where necessary, in order to make your feeds look, powerful and helps back up the points you make with your own imagery.  

Be Relatable

Your audience need to relate to your brand and the story you’re looking to tell, letting them become involved with and identifying with your brand and the people you’re talking about, for example your employees or customers. Showing the relatable and more human side of your business, tells a story from your point of view, from your voice and can demonstrate the more human side of your business. Through telling your brand story from the view of others, your audience can become emotionally attached to your story and are much more easily captivated by what you have to say. 

By using likeable, down the earth, regular characters that many can relate to, your brand can look to engage with others who can identify with these people, helping encourage new audiences and raise awareness.  

Personalise Your Story 

It’s a good idea to avoid posting boring, sterile text that seems more like an advert than an actual story. This is where storytelling differs from other forms of marketing, in a way that is allows for brands to show personality rather than being a sheer attempt to sell to your audience, which is why you should aim to keep your stories relevant, personal and establish an connection with your audience. Personalisation allows brands to build trust between audiences and businesses, creating a sense of authentication that is often not there with more generic content. 

People want to read stories that they can relate to, featuring people they can identify with, situations they might be in and even shared experiences, by creating personalised stories you can encourage attention and generate more business. 

Publishing effective stories can strengthen your brand, growing your audience and increasing engagement, helping both your website and your social media account receive more hits and an increased interaction. By creating a consistent personality that your audience can relate to, through storytelling you can reach new heights with your digital marketing strategy!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 28th March, 2017
Categories: Branding Marketing

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