5th Jun 2019

An Insight Into My Role As A Designer At Discovery Design

Hi! I’m Kate and I am almost 2 months into my role as a designer at Discovery Design. I was very excited to take the next step in my design career and I have transitioned into this role with real ease due to the friendly, harmonious atmosphere of the team and office environment.

I graduated university with a BA Honours in Graphic Design and headed to London to showcase my design work at the prestigious D&AD Awards, on my return I got a design role for a Digital Marketing agency which introduced me to the work industry. My broad design background covers an array of varied projects including branding, web design and front-end development, as well as editorial and print design. I also have a strong understanding of social media marketing and have recently passed my Google Ads and Display Ads Certifications with the encouragement of Discovery Design.

My role at Discovery Design involves a variation of design-based tasks which include creating, building and establishing brands, whether it be from the ground up or giving a current brand a visual refresh to achieve better brand exposure. I also work closely with clients to understand their visual needs and marketing goals, to then design a bespoke website tailored specifically to them. Once I have created the visual elements, I work with our Front-End Developer Tom to build and deliver an aesthetically pleasing website which is functional and enhances the user experience across all devices. I also work with our PPC Strategist Aimee to develop social strategies, designing visually appealing content to engage our audience and build Discovery Design’s brand awareness.

Since starting at Discovery Design, I have already extended my Digital Marketing knowledge on PPC/Google Ads as I am now Google Certified for both Ads and Display Ads and I now know how to create, schedule and use Email Marketing Campaigns to build brand awareness and increase online sales. I am looking forward to gaining more skills in the future with the support of my directors who actively encourage us to learn new skills on behalf of the company.

In my short time working for Discovery Design, I have already worked on some very exciting client projects which will be published over the coming months as well as introducing my creative ideas to the Discovery Design brand. This includes the recent updates of colour and typography within the brand guidelines, social media content creation and more which will be revealed soon (keep your eyes peeled!).

My favourite thing about working at Discovery Design is the atmosphere within the office and the way that the team work so well together, combining ideas from different specialisms to get the best out of each project. Working in this kind of environment makes my overall role more enjoyable as well as being a lot more productive.

Article By
Kate Kelly, Lead Designer
Published: 5th June, 2019
Categories: Discovery Design

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