18th Oct 2016

6 Strategies You Can Use To Improve Your Sales

When it comes to your online store there’s always room for improvement, no matter how much traffic you get or how many sales you make, there’s always going to be a new way to optimise your ecommerce business in order to engage with customers and boost sales even more.  

Generating business online can be difficult, however it’s not impossible, from taking control of your social media to simple changes in your checkout process, there are a number of great ways your business can increase sales, today we’ll look at 6 unique ways you can improve your sales and create a thriving ecommerce business.  

Cross Sell Your Products 

If your customers have bought an item that may need other items to go along with it then it gives you the perfect opportunity to cross sell to your customers. For example if your customers buy a guitar, it’s likely they’d need other things such as wires, a pick and even strings, offering these extra items to your customers by asking simple questions such as ‘customers also bought’ or ‘frequently bought together’ you can encourage customers to make additional purchases.  

One Step Checkout

There are currently few platforms out there fully utilising a one step checkout process, however it’s likely that it’s something that will become much more used in coming years. Customers don’t want a lengthy checkout process, they want a quick and easy experience that allows them to effectively purchase their product without hassle. From keeping details saved, to offering the chance to buy with only one click of the mouse, a one step checkout process can be a great way to avoid abandoned checkouts and increase sales.  

Make The Most Of Google Analytics 

It’s a good idea to keep track of your Google Analytics, you need to know where people are looking on your website, what products they’re looking at and where it is people are leaving your website. If you want to know where you need to continue to make improvements that can lead to improve sales, then it really is time to focus your attention on Google Analytics.  

Focus On Your Visitors 

One of the most successful ways you can generate sales is by focusing on your customers. Writing your copy for your customers, with their interests at heart is one of the most effective ways you can relate to and engage with your customers, increasing their trust in your business, building a great customer relationship and ultimately leading to an increase in both traffic and sales.  

Show Off Your Social Media

There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t make the most of your social media platforms, if your business is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform you should be showing your customers this on your website. Showing off your social media and encouraging your customers to follow you on these platforms with exclusive deals or behind the scenes looks at your business can be great ways to build a great customer relationship.  

Shipping Options 

If your business can afford to, it’s a great idea to offer free shipping to your customers. These days shipping costs are an important factor in consumers online decisions and you’ll find that often customers are much more likely to order from an online store if they find shipping is free. In fact free shipping is one of the most significant ways you can increase sales so if you can and it works for your business, there’s no reason not to consider free shipping. 

Launching your ecommerce store is just the beginning , whatever you might be looking to achieve, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you achieve greater profits, grow your customer base and ultimately expand your business into a successful brand. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th October, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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