27th May 2016

4 Reasons your business isn't growing!

As a business owner surely there’s nothing more you want than to keep your business as small as possible? Why would you want to reach out to new customers, encourage sales and expand your small business into a brand, when you can just stay how you are.. right?

Realistically, businesses are usually looking for the opportunity to grow and it’s important that you keep expanding in order to keep ahead of your competition and become a well established, well trusted brand. In order to grow your business there’s a number of things you need to avoid, here’s a list of the most important:

Ignore all marketing

Ignoring all forms marketing means that you’ll be completely hidden from all potential customers. If you aren’t willing to invest in the likes of pay per click advertising or even email marketing then it’s inevitable that your customers will go to the companies who are actively trying to reach out to them and are spending the time to market their businesses, leaving your company out in the cold.

Having the wrong attitude 

A business owner who is closed off to the idea of new opportunities and new ways to grow will ultimately end up with a small business. If you’re unwilling to take risks in fear of failure then you’ll never adapt and never become the successful business you aspire to be. If you can’t open your mind to new ideas then you’ll get nowhere and your customers will soon realise this too, opting to head for a more diverse and innovative company over yours. 

Not realising investment

Saving money is important admittedly, however sometimes you do genuinely need to spend money in order to make money. Failing to spend money on real investments such as a professionally designed website or efficient marketing methods can be detrimental to your business. Simply seeing the cost and not the value isn’t always the best attitude to have when it comes to running your business.  

Avoiding all changes

If you avoid making any changes you’ll never grow. Change can be daunting but often it’s necessary, if you aren’t willing to change then it shows you aren’t willing to adapt. Freshening up your website, your marketing techniques or even the way you interact with your customers can be simple and effective changes which can have a huge impact on your business and your revenue.

Growing your small business into something larger takes time and it’s important to remember to plan your progressions. With these steps in mind however, you could be on the track to growing in no time. 



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th May, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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